modular synthesis

I fell in love with the modular environment and modular synthesis through my work with VCV Rack, a virtual modular synthesizer based on the Eurorack format. Soon enough, my studio was filled with patch cables, modules, and other synthesizers. I love the workflow, the sounds, the happy accidents, and the inspiration I get from the instrument itself.
From the beginning, I really wanted to dig deeper and learn this instrument, the modular synthesizer, in-depth so I decided to start improvising with VCV Rack, building patches, making sounds, while recording my progress, and sharing my experience. This was the beginning of my YouTube channel, which is dedicated to virtual and analog modular synthesis. I share patching techniques and ideas, sound design techniques, and more. Feel free to visit my channel and be a part of the community –

In addition to my channel, I created two collections of videos, aimed for beginners to modular. The first one is all about the basics of modular, the basics of synthesis in the modular environment, going through the different aspects and building blocks of modular, in a sort of a glossary in video format type of videos. The second series is a continuation of this, but much more practical, getting hands-on with modular, building patches, learning signal flow, patching techniques, and more. In both cases, I use VCV Rack to demonstrate everything, but all the things I go through are applicable to hardware as well.

Going through the basic building blocks of synthesis in the modular environment like VCAs, envelopes, oscillators, modulation, control voltage, sequencers, randomness, noise, and more.

Getting hands-on with modular, starting with “simple” patches, building a subtractive synth, going through drum synthesis, sequencing percussive elements, sequencing melodies, building generative patches, and more.