Musical Projects & Releases by Omri Cohen

More of a Trip than a Dream – In this one, the Neutron is receiving 2 separate sequences from Ions in VCV Rack through the ES-3 from Expert Sleepers. One voice goes through the filter on the Neutron and the other voice goes through the Steiner Parker filter from Vult. The O Coast is playing a sequence programmed on the Keystep, and it’s going through the Overdrive and Delay of the Neutron. The BeatStep Pro is the master clock and it’s also driving Ions. The DrumBrute is in charge of the drums, and with the Midilar controller, I bring the voices in and out of the mix. I also have a sample recorded on the Morphagene, which I tweak occasionally.

VCV Rack and MicroFreak First Patch – Arturia very kindly sent me the MicroFreak to see how it can work with VCV Rack, and oh boy, did I “lose” some hours playing and jamming with those two…
This is literally my first patch with the MicroFreak and VCV Rack. I have an arpeggio set on the MicroFreak, but with some Spice added to it, and not only that, but I also use Fate, the new module from the Geodesics, to add even more variation to the sequence. This arpeggio is being sent to VCV Rack, sequencing the FM-OP and 2 Even VCOs. The MicroFreak itself is set on Speech Synthesis and is being sent to Chronoblob2 in VCV Rack. I have another voice being sequenced by the Phrase Sequencer and being modulated by a modulated LFO. I use the MicroFreak also as a Midi controller, bringing voices in and out, and controlling things like feedback amount, FM amount, and more.